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Hiring a certified inspector is important as the septic system is one of the most important parts of a home. Septic Systems can be the most expensive part of a house to replace. If the septic system fails, contamination can occur. The homeowner can face a lawsuit if leaks from the septic system and flows into the drinking well or the environment . The septic system is the only part of the house where the homeowner can be sued by someone off the property.

In Connecticut, the Department of Environmental Protection
estimates that every year possibly 15,000 or more homeowners
face the unpleasant problem of a Septic Systemfailure.

Our Septic Systemutilize existing practices
recommended by the State of Connecticut,

We will educate you on how to maintain your Septic System and keep it trouble free.

Septic Inspectons services offered,

Inspection = research for permits dig and inspect system.


1. A house sewer line carries the waste to the septic tank.

2. A septic tank prepares the waste material for disposal
into the leaching system

3. A liquid distribution “D” box may be used to distribute the effluent
uniformly through the leaching system.

4. A leaching system which may consist of a drain field, trenches, leaching pits, beds or galleries, which help purify the effluent, by filtration through the soil.

Common causes of Septic failure

Neglecting to inspect and clean the septic tank regularly.

Lack of understanding on proper use of the Septic system.

Poor soil conditions and/or faulty design or installation.

The signs of failure include high surface water in the leaching area, lush growth of grass, odor and waste water draining slowly from the bathroom or kitchen, or even backing up into the house.

Before contemplating the purchase of a house in Connecticut , have a Septic Inspection specialist Evaluate and Pump clean the systems tank then do a inspection of the septic system. It may save you thousands of dollars

The Septic Inspection consists of three parts:

System Use:

Evaluating Septic Tank Performance:

Next we check the construction and installation of the Septic tank. We evaluate soil system performance, and distribution boxes when necessary.

The Leaching System

We inspect the leaching system itself. This inspection also includes:

  1. DistributionSoils.
  2. Surface Water
  3. System Performance
  4. Surfacing Effluents



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